A FUTURE MADE OF SYNERGIES: the hospital where academia and industry come together for a better and healthier world

The Oman International Hospital (OIH) and the Coimbra Higher School of Health Technology (ESTeSC) signed a protocol yesterday, with a view to carrying out internships for ESTeSC members at OIH facilities, in Oman, the establishment of specific training programs for technicians and nurses, as well as the implementation of a certification program in radiology, consolidating the excellence of OIH's imaging equipment, where, among many others, the use of low doses of radiation stands out, with clear benefits for patients and staff.

This important protocol will benefit from the endorsement of the Med Academy, recently implemented at the OIH, and, in this way, will establish the pyramid of the future that brings together the academic, hospital and industrial environments. Remember that Med Academy is based on three fundamental pillars: Onboarding and Lifelong Training, Patient Experience and Accreditation Process.

Oman International Hospital
Oman International Hospital was founded in 2021, in collaboration with an experienced European hospital management group (IGHS) and composed of three diverse shareholders: Oman Brunei Investment Company, Suhail Bahwan Group, and Idealmed Global Healthcare Services (IGHS). With the assistance of a network of highly devoted and skilled medical professionals, renowned international doctors, sophisticated medical equipment, and cutting-edge technology in streamlining, OIH is committed to providing world-class treatment to the citizens of Oman as well as to the expatriate populace of the country. 

Coimbra Higher School of Health Technology (ESTeSC)
The Coimbra Higher School of Health Technology (ESTeSC), based in Coimbra, Portugal,  is one of the largest Portuguese higher education institutions, a center for the creation, transmission and dissemination of science, technology and culture, with the mission of intervening and developing undergraduate and graduate training and research in health sciences and related areas, as well as such as service to the community and cooperation with national and international entities in activities of common interest or of society in general. The motto of ESTeSC is Excellence in Health Education.

Watch the video and get insight of this event here.