Your Health is Our Commitment

About Us

GLOBALMED is a clinical services brand, created to offer the highest quality of services, offer high-quality facilities, deliver technological capability with the newest medical equipment and present the best Health Professionals covering almost all specialties.

GLOBALMED is internationally certified according to the highest quality standards, with its patient-centered policy, seeking to respond to unmet needs, with an international team of renowned health professionals, accessible remotely or in person according to the patient interest.

International Clinical Projects

GLOBALMED Medical Centre · Taipa

GLOBALMED Medical Centre · Macau

GLOBALMED is located in Macau, where it has the largest private clinic in the region and is currently developing its second clinic in the territory and finalizing details for its expansion to the Greater Bay Area and neighboring countries.
At GLOBALMED you will find a team of trustable, and highly qualified health professionals to meet your needs, with high-quality equipment and services, for a quick and effective diagnosis of your condition.