Tailoring Healthcare Products to Each Individual

About Us

Active in the global market, INNOV·CELL is dedicated to the development, promotion and commercialization of its own products, with a focus on biotechnological innovation and personalized medicine.

Our mission is to provide innovative, high quality products around the globe, helping people across the world live healthier lives. We do this by working closely with our customers to understand their needs and find the best solution for each individuals.

With eyes set on the future, day after day INNOV·CELL is reaching new heights, making a significant contribution to the life quality of populations, by delievering meaningful products that meet medical needs.

Latest Product Release


Silicone gel with bioactive stem cells that helps fade, flatten and soften the appearance of old and new scars.


A wide range of products that guarantee deep hydration through specific care for the face, hands, lips and body.