New University Hospital of Fujairah, United Arab Emirates, will have as investors the Portuguese companies IGHS and VHM.

Portuguese company Idealmed GHS, which is part of the group "IGHS - International Group of Health Services” and shareholder and Operator of the “Oman International Hospital” formalized on Tuesday the contract for the social participation and management of a new private university hospital in the Emirate of Fujairah, in an investment that amounts to 130 million euros, and which has the direct involvement of the local government through the "Fujairah Investment Establishment".

IGHS thus joins in the corporate structure to the company VHM – Coordination and Project Management, SA, responsible for the Global Management of the development of this Project and with whom the IGHS group materialized the entire development of one of the most iconic hospitals in the entire Middle East region, the “Oman International Hospital”.

For José Alexandre Cunha, President of IGHS, "this is another huge contribution to the group's affirmation in the international context and sharing with VHM".

"IGHS's presence in Asia and the Middle East continues to be cemented in a significant way, bringing the recognition of important local partners to the work we have been developing.

In Muscat, Oman, he leads the most differentiated private hospital in the whole country. In Rife, among several other projects we have in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we are licensing a hospital that will be a global reference, and now celebrates our entry into the United Arab Emirates.

IGHS has always assumed that it would assert itself in the international market as a standard-bearer of the clinical and non-clinical skills existing in our country, being deeply recognized to the companies and institutions that have embraced such ambitious challenges with us. From teaching, where we have the contribution of the Faculties of Medicine of the University of Coimbra and Porto, to information technologies, where support of ciberbit's integrated imTHOM system, to the decoration of all our projects carried out by Ipotz, among several other examples highlighting Siemens Healthineers.

VHM is today a global company, recognized by all, which has among many other areas of competence, a huge know-how in the development of architecture projects and hospital engineering, and it is a privilege for us to develop another great project together".

For Vítor Hugo Leal Gomes, CEO of VHM, "the trust attributed to VHM in this project by the corporate structure, with the global management of the project development, represents the company's affirmation in the ambitious and demanding area of global project management in the international market, thus complementing the architecture and engineering consulting activities that have enabled in recent years the international expansion of the company.

After the success achieved by the partnership between VHM and IGHS at the "Oman International Hospital" developed in Oman, this new challenge will certainly be a reference for the Health sector in the United Arab Emirates and will allow the various companies and institutions involved a clear international visibility, also cementing the international recognition that has already been achieved by VHM and IGHS in the integrated development of Hospital projects."

According to IGHS, the Fujairah Hospital will also have the involvement of Portuguese Universities. Integrating a University School of Health Sciences, the foundations are already being created for the contribution of educational institutions in Portugal in the pedagogical definition and teaching of the courses to be taught as well as for the celebration of protocols for the exchange of students.

The relationship between the leaders of the two Portuguese companies began in 2009, and VHM was responsible for coordinating projects and supervising the Idealmed Hospital in Coimbra, now Hospital da Luz Coimbra.