Partners from Uzbekistan hosted by IGHS at Oman International Hospital

Last Tuesday, December 13, the IGHS Executive Board received representatives from both University and Health Institutions in Uzbekistan with the aim of assessing synergies and the possible future participation of the Portuguese Group in projects in Central Asia.

A visit aiming to develop the contractual procedures signed in September in Tashkent which includes the design, development and management of hospitals in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, as well as Innov-Cell's pharmaceutical distribution.

The delegation received at the Oman International Hospital in Muscat, in addition to representatives of business and financial groups, included elements from the education sector.
Guests had the opportunity to get to know Oman International Hospital, its departments, logistics and operations.

Inaugurated in 2021, the OIH is a healthcare reference, capable of providing the best health, diagnostic and therapeutic services, with the most highly differentiated facilities, advanced equipment and human resources, privileging the sharing of knowledge.

It should be recalled that this unit provides an effective demonstration that the IGHS, led by Dr. José Alexandre Cunha, is a player with excellent skills in several areas of health.