KELO.CELL at SISTERS BeautyPro in Hong Kong

KELO.CELL marks its presence in one of the most famous Hong Kong beauty industry fairs – SISTERS BeautyPro.

From the 16th to the 18th of May, in Hong Kong, more than 30,000 visitors had the opportunity to get to know the KELO.CELL brand, that being aware of people's daily well-being, has bet on innovation and is launching this year a new product line.

Since KELO.CELL Biogel has a unique and highly effective formulation for atrophic, hypertrophic and keloid scars, it was added SPF30, in KELO.CELL Protect, for sun protection and skin regeneration. With the KELO.CELL Concealer is guaranteed instant coverage of scars, which adapts to any skin tone and type. KELO.CELL PSORIS SOS Acute Balm and KELO.CELL PSORIS Body Lotion were produced to work together. They are essential allies for the fast and effective relief of the common signs and symptoms of psoriasis and dermatitis skin manifestations.

The KELO.CELL participation, in partnership with local distributor SENSEFORD BIOTECH, embraced business opportunities in a highly competitive market both within the scope of the pharmaceutical sector and in the geography to which it presented itself.

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