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A week fulfilled of knowledge and collaboration at IGHS Group

Last week was marked by an extremely enriching exchange of knowledge and collaboration at IGHS Group, as we warmly welcomed two distinguished teams: our esteemed distributor partners from China, representing Swan Group company and our honored guests from Oman International Hospital.

The schedule of our Chinese partners was focused on the upcoming launch of our new Kelo.Cell line, which is being introduced in all the markets worldwide this month, including China. 

With two innovative additions, Kelo.Cell Concealer and Kelo.Cell Protect, the extension of Kelo.Cell Scar Care line represents a significant step forward in our commitment to offering unique and most innovative scar care solutions. At the same time, we are pleased to announce the introduction of our PSORIS line, designed specifically for psoriasis-prone skin. The introduction of SOS PSORIS Acute Balm for immediate relief of psoriasis syntoms, as well as our extra hydrating PSORIS Body Lotion for daily care, highlight our mission of providing an effective cutting-edge formulations to address a wide range of skincare needs, such as psoriasis and dermatitis.

Together, we delved into intensive and detailed training sessions focused on the new products and had the opportunity to discuss the launching strategy, in the region where Kelo.Cell has shown remarkable growth, such as China. 

This initiative provided invaluable insights into our operations, fostering a deeper understanding and strengthening commercial relations between our companies.

Along with our Omani associates, representing the Oman International Hospital, together embarked on a journey to explore the pharmaceutical industry in Portugal. 

Throughout the week, they had the privilege of exploring the renowned pharmaceutical distribution company FHC Group, that have a strong presence in the Middle East, as well as Basi Laboratories and Empifarma, leading entities in pharmaceutical distribution.

It were an extremely positive days, with excellent achievements, where we not only strengthened our existing relationships, but also explored future goals and shared aspirations, with extremely promising prospects and exciting future projects. 

Overall, this week's engagements reinforced our commitment to fostering long-lasting partnerships and driving mutual success. We look forward to the exciting upcoming news ahead as we continue to move forward together, celebrating the global success of Kelo.Cell.