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IGHS becomes the 1st International Partner of Insparya.

Insparya, a renowned clinic specializing in hair transplantation, has established a strategic partnership with IGHS, marking a new chapter in the history of hair health and the delivery of exceptional medical services on a global scale.

This synergistic collaboration between Insparya and IGHS represents a merging of forces with the common goal of offering advanced solutions for issues related to hair loss and hair health worldwide. Combining Insparya's globally recognized expertise with IGHS's extensive network and resources, this partnership aims to revolutionize the field of hair restoration and deliver exceptional results to patients on a global scale.

Led by the renowned surgeon Dr. Bruno Pinto, Insparya is widely recognized for its innovative techniques and naturally impressive results in hair transplantation. The clinic boasts a multidisciplinary team of highly skilled specialists and adopts cutting-edge technology to provide personalized, high-quality treatments tailored to the individual needs of each patient.

Meanwhile, IGHS is an international organization dedicated to promoting access to quality healthcare services worldwide. With a global network of medical partners and state-of-the-art facilities, the IGHS is committed to improving access to excellent medical care, regardless of the patient's geographical location.

Through this strategic collaboration, Insparya inaugurates its presence in Oman, using the high-quality facilities of the Oman International Hospital to offer its specialized treatments. This partnership with IGHS, which integrates the leadership of the OIH hospital, not only expands the advanced services but also reinforces its position in the Middle East. Now, patients in the region can benefit from advanced hair treatments in a renowned hospital facilities, ensuring access to the highest quality of healthcare.