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Idealmed GHS commissions new Oman International Hospital in Muscat, Oman.

The Coimbra-based IGHS group, which is completing and managing the construction of a private hospital in the city of Muscat, Oman, for an investment of the order of 70 million euros, is now moving to neighbor Saudi Arabia, where it is established a joint venture with a local investor to plan, develop and manage new hospital projects in the country.

HGHS – Haif Global Healthcare Services, which is controlled by Saudi Haif Holding and in which the Portuguese group holds 45% of the capital, “has already signed its first contract to plan the first hospital project, which is located in the center of the capital Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and its position will maintain the “standard”of IGHS-led projects, “in a statement valued at more than 130 million euros, the company said in a statement.

The Coimbra company “takes over the entire operational management of the conception, development and administration of new hospital projects in the new corporate structure, either own or third, with the Haif Group as the strategic leader and the definition of new investments”, he explains.

“The Haif Group, known as an important Saudi group of companies after evaluations by several international operators, was in Portugal in 2019 to get to know us better and to understand in detail the role that we could have played since the beginning of such an ambitious project Over time we have deepened our knowledge and exchanged ideas, and the end of the IGHS has taken a 45% stake in this new hospital group, “says José Alexandre Cunha, President of the IGHS.

The businessman says that the project, which IGHS has been leading in Oman since 2018 and whose investment amounts to 70 million euros, is “a hospital that can practically be opened and that is part of a” joint venture “founded by the Oman Brunei Investment Company it was agreed that the Suhail Bahwan Group and IGHS, which see themselves as a veritable showcase for the entire Middle East region, “the work of the Portuguese group.

“It is a sign of rigor for us to reach the pre-opening phase and not deviate from the investment plan set out in the shareholder structure and to adhere to the most ambitious and demanding schedules, be it for licensing and construction or for the operational management of the entire company Project that includes the most important dossiers such as procedures, information technology, human resources, quality and hospital equipment, “he emphasizes.

In addition, the President of the IGHS stressed that the Coimbra Group “will continue to focus on the regions where it already has its own projects or is being managed, namely in the area known as the” Greater Bay Pearl River Delta ” (Canton, Hong Kong and Macau)) via GloballMed and in the Middle East via Idealmed GHS and is also preparing to enter the foreign market in new sectors that are directly related to the provision of health services, “he adds, without further details to go into it.

José Alexandre Cunha also stressed that at the invitation of IGHS, they “exported more than 12 million euros in less than two years” to other Portuguese companies.