A Partnership between ESTeSC-IPC and IGHS Group

IGHS and School of Health Technology of Coimbra celebrate the protocol of the international collaboration that will allow students and teachers to exchange multicultural experience in the healthcare units of IGHS Group.

This collaboration ensures the frameworks in which special conditions will be given to ESTeSC-IPC students for international mobility, participating in innovative projects, whether in applied research or specialized coaching with both professional and pedagogical training. 
This mobility will be welcomed at its hospital units whose standards of quality and excellence are internationally recognised: Oman International Hospital (Muscat, Oman), at Globallmed Medical Centre (Macau, China) already functioning in full activity or the Haif Hospitals (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) and the Fujeirah University Hospital (Fujeirah, UAE) currently under development. 

This agreement aims to implement actions for greater convergence between education and the integration of future health professionals into the labour market, with the common goal of promoting people's health and life quality, one of the main values of the IGHS Group.